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A disease like no other

And a control program that threatens to damage your animals.

It pays to learn and make wise decisions for your loved ones.

Do You Worry When Her Rabies is Due?

We've got this rabies "law…"

Unless you live in the UK, Australia, NZ, or Hawaii, you've got a rabies law breathing down your neck.

At first glance, it seems pretty easy to understand and follow.

Rabies is a deadly disease. It's carried by certain rabid carnivores who could bite your pet and give it rabies.

If your pet gets rabies and bites you, you could get rabies.

So, a law to vaccinate all the pets makes sense, right?

On the surface, sure.

Here's the rub. This is a law…

… that can harm your best friend

Animals regularly get sick (and some even die) from the rabies shot itself.

In fact, in the developed world, the odds of Sadie getting sick from her shot are far greater than her chance of getting rabies.

Janet Ludley's Malamute lost his voice after his rabies shot. They called it laryngeal paralysis.

Then the paralysis moved on to his hind legs and this gentle giant could no longer get up.

Wanda Eastwood's Belgian Shepherd Rosko was a healthy five year old when he got autoimmune disease and died after his rabies vaccination.

His own red blood cells were attacked by his confused immune system. Multiple blood transfusions couldn't save him. He was gone in 24 hours.

Zeke Zendel had only one rabies shot in his life. The next day his convulsions began and, even though living an ideal natural life, even with a homeopathic vet attending him, even with the usual meds, his seizures were life long.

So, not something to take lightly, this law.

But there's more, because this is also a law…

… that ignores well-accepted science

You don't have to be a scientist to understand this one.

You don't get a small pox shot repeatedly throughout your life, right?

Why is that?

It's because the scientists who study immune systems know you're protected from that early one you got as a child.

They know about this thing called "duration of immunity."

These scientists know, and have for decades now, that immunity to virus vaccines has a lonngggg duration. Likely life long, they tell us.

So, you don't get the postcard or email that says, "C'mon in, you're DUE for another smallpox vaccine."

Veterinary immunologists know this is true in your pets as well.

Virus immunity, rabies included, lasts a long time.

It doesn't run out like a gas tank that needs refilling every year.

Or every three years.

Or, just maybe, ever.

This is also a law…

… that fails to build more immunity

These immunologists know that giving more shots to your previously vaccinated dog or cat doesn't work.

Adds nothing to protect your animal.

Your pet's established immunity just stops the vaccine virus cold, like a starship's deflector shield.

These vet immunologists call out this idea of repeated vaccinations throughout life as having "questionable efficacy."

I listen to these experts way more than I listen to Dr. WhiteCoat.

I think you should as well.


Immunologists aren't in the business of selling shots.

They tell us how the immune system works, with no investment in what you do with that information.


Just to recap, not only are more shots a waste of money (they don't add immunity to your already immune animal), each one can potentially plunge your pet into a serious state of illness.

So, no wonder you're worried about that next rabies shot!

Look what you're up against:

In order to be a "good citizen," you have to sacrifice your loved one's health and the joy that comes from having a healthy vital animal??

What a horrible choice!

You need a way out of that win/lose equation and fast.

This is taking a toll on you

You likely know exactly when your next rabies shot is "due" to the day, and have been dreading it more as the pages get torn from your calendar.

Sadie seems healthy enough now, but you see dogs around you who are way too itchy.

Or hyper.

Or even aggressive.

Or having seizures or losing their ability to walk.

Or, God forbid, attacking their own blood cells and dying of anemia.

And you've heard that rabies shots may well create just such nightmares.

I've seen these nightmares, tried to treat some, written about many more, and hear regularly about the pain these rabies "laws" are causing you.

A reader named Bob is "two for two" in the rabies shot causing mayhem dept:

My present dog is hypothyroid… came down with this autoimmune condition AFTER his last rabies shot!
My previous dog came down with AIHA (autoimmune red blood cell attack) AFTER a rabies booster at age 9. What a nightmare that was… not to mention over $12,000 in vet bills over a four year period and three hospitalizations and transfusions.

I'm not surprised by the conclusion he's drawn:

I will NEVER get another rabies shot for him or any other dog I own.


Why are you here, in this horrible tight spot?

Likely, you were brought up to be a good person.

You got points for being a good helper in your family, you would never run a red light (even at 2 am with no one around), and laws are laws, and you were brought up to follow them, no question.

Without laws, well, we'd live in chaos, right? The rabies law is what got us to the point where rabid dogs aren't roaming the streets and killing our children to the tune of 50,000 a year like they do in India and Africa.

And you trusted your lawmakers and vet. Why wouldn't you?

They must have more information than you and wouldn't be pushing these shots if they knew they didn't work after a certain point and could cause harm, right?


Oh, how I wish your trust hadn't been betrayed.


What Way Too Many Misunderstand

-- These laws must be well thought out.

Here's the reality: nothing could be further from the truth.

They were largely copied from other laws which were copied from other laws in other places, but no one asked the immunologists if they made sense before they put them on their books and made you lose sleep at night as your "due date" gets closer.

No one considered, as they rubber stamped their law into being, this well-known concept of "duration of immunity," the very reason YOU don't go in every year or three for another small pox shot.

And, if you took my free Rabies Short Course, you saw that these "laws" were instead prompted by greed and profit and power plays way more than honorable intentions to protect animals or people.

You also learned that rabies "laws" are colorable law. Posers. Shams.

-- Enforcing these laws is in the public interest.

The reality: whether well meaning or control freaks, most have no idea the harm they are promoting by demanding you are "up to date" on rabies shots.

Now, everyone and his sister is trying to enforce these rabies "laws"

  • your groomer
  • your kennel
  • your vet, who acts like he's got a sheriff's badge
  • worst: your apartment manager

Do any of these people know enough about immunology to bring this hammer down on you?

Do they know of the damage repeated rabies shots heap on your pets?

Of course not. They are not looking for it, so will never see it.

-- My vet has my animal's best interests in mind.

The harsh reality: profits drive many veterinary decisions, including rabies vaccination.

Even though the veterinary professional groups have proclaimed for decades that annual revaccination is not recommended, 60% of vets continue to push this on you. Google some vet clinics if you doubt that.

When Texas, late to the party, decided to shift from a one year rabies vaccination law to a three year requirement, guess who shouted the loudest against that in our public hearings?

Dr. WhiteCoat, none other.

Because he'd carefully followed the immunology and saw a flaw in the argument of long lasting duration of immunity?

Nothing of the sort.

It was all about "lost revenue."

One announced loudly, "We'll have to charge 3x as much for a 3 year vaccine as we do now for an annual one!"

Mmm hmm.

What following this "law" is costing you

  • A bunch of money

Before you know it, you've not only paid for a bunch of shots you didn't need, but you're now back at the vets with a costly illness to fix.

That often happens about a month after a round of shots, by the way. Check your vet records or bills to verify that.

Because this new illness is a "chronic" illness (meaning it lasts and lasts), you're looking at a long term expense for drugs or treatments. Ouch.

Priced Apoquel lately?

Or it's follow up drug when Apoquel fails to cure The Itch, called Cytopoint?

Yep, both high end costly drugs that never actually cure the maddening allergic itch that often follows vaccination.

And if that unnecessary rabies shot brings you autoimmune disease, you'll max out every credit card you own going through the heroics in the E.R. and still having a 50% chance of losing your loved one.

  • Respect

If you've studied any of this for some time, you may well know more about rabies and duration of immunity than Dr. WhiteCoat does.

He's still making up stories like, "we've got to protect our staff from rabies, so we can't see your pet unless he's current on his rabies shots."


If the shots are delayed, say a month, my dog gets rabies and endangers your staff??

It's quite likely you know more than animal control officials who see their roles as saving the world from unvaccinated dogs and the scourge of rabies.

Have they recently moved here from the Congo and the reality of rabies here in the West hasn't sunk in yet?

And you damn sure know more about this than any groomer, kennel owner, or apartment manager!

It's time you got the respect you deserve here and are seen for the valuable resource you truly are.

Being the smartest person in the room on rabies is just wise if your aim is protecting your loved one from harm.

  • Happiness

I know you are likely a "love 'em no matter what" sort of person. Animals naturally bring that out in us.

And you may place rescue and fostering among those activities that bring you happiness in life.

But I can't tell you how many stories of loss and heartbreak I read most every day when a happy pet owner had a tragic experience after another unnecessary rabies shot was given.

It slowly dawned on them, often about a month later, that their once happy, bouncy, well balanced pet is now dragging in some way.

Changed, in a bad way.

And it's not looking like that change is going to leave…

  • Frantically chewing her feet or suffocating while chewing her itchy red groin
  • Wildly shaking her head and crying when you touch her ears
  • Edgy, irritable, even snappy behavior
  • Rattling, noisy breathing or worse, rear leg paralysis
  • Repeated convulsions, usually diagnosed as "idiopathic" (cause unknown), beginning post-rabies shot.

Nothing about this is happy. It's a situation of a damaged innocent, who's now suffering, and you suffer along with her, as you seek to help a disease that refuses to give up.

It's high time for solutions

I applaud you for taking an interest in rabies and the seemingly insurmountable laws you live under.

Being well informed can only help you keep your loved ones safe.

If you're hoping to change these rabies laws as a way out of this danger, you go. Bravo to all who are working in that direction and Godspeed.

But, in the meantime, you need a plan in place to help you prevent the damage that's entirely possible when that very next rabies shot comes "due."

Time is not on your side here.

Legislatures aren't known for quick adoption of new laws, even when they make perfect sense to you and I.

You will likely face critical rabies questions before that happy day comes when you can license with a titer instead of yet another round of shots.

Now that we've got generations of vaccine damaged animals in our part of the world, a stance of giving "only rabies" could still trigger a disaster.

What the future can look like for you

I have clients and students and readers who've figured this thorny problem out.

They no longer fret about rabies, its nonsensical laws, or "due" dates.

Instead, from a solid base of understanding and some creative examples to follow, they are just living fulfilling lives with their healthy, happy, Vital dogs and cats.

Imagine that.

Imagine smartly OPTING OUT of the no-win equation of "be a good citizen while forfeiting my animal's health."

Imagine KNOWING how to navigate vet visits, groomers, boarding facilities and nosy neighbors.

Imagine the day when even a dog bite doesn't rattle you, because, from your base of knowledge, you are confidently charting your course.

Imagine joining the smart empowered folks who are getting what they want, rather than being a helpless victim of a system that seems arrayed against you and your right to raise healthy animals.

That's powerful.

Enter: Rabies -- Knowledge is Power

This course was built to get you solid in your understanding of this disease, its control, and the options you can employ to avoid unnecessary and damaging vaccinations.

It's comprised of three recorded lessons that give you back the power that your state, province, county, or municipality has taken from you in the dubious push to control a disease by grossly over vaccinating your loved ones.

These lessons each include a presentation from me followed by a Question and Answer session with the students who helped me build this course.

That means you'll get answers to questions you might not have even considered yet.

Each video recording is accompanied by its audio recording and a full transcript.

That means you can learn in the style that you prefer.

Want to take notes and highlight things while you watch a video?

You can do that.

Want to take a lesson with you on a walk with your dog?

You can do that.

In addition, each lesson has multiple accompanying written lessons that expand on what you need to know about the disease of rabies, it's control, and strategies you can choose to help you avoid the excessive "law" if you so desire.

Don't be surprised if you end up knowing more than your animal control, your vet tech, and maybe even your version of Dr. WhiteCoat!

Two kinds of experts help you learn

Perhaps the greatest value in this course comes from having many "instructors."

While I lead the way as a vet who helped the state of Hawaii totally revamp their rabies quarantine system in the 90's, I also call on pet owners just like you who've beaten the crooked game of rabies control through thoughtful ingenuity.

That means you get not only my base of understanding…

  • the disease
  • how it moves
  • how to properly assess your rabies risk
  • how to protect against rabies without damaging your loved ones
  • whether to vaccinate
  • how to vaccinate, if that's what you decide
  • how to use titers to your advantage

… but you also get a vast body of smart options on dealing with the "laws" from people who have gone before you.

People who are both

  • good citizens (their pets aren't going to get rabies) and
  • savvy owners (who've found a way to avoid the horrible costs of over vaccinating)

I invite you to know what they and I know.

Knowing will change your life.

Enroll now, own your course forever

Like all my paid courses, once you enroll, Rabies: Knowledge is Power is yours for life.

You can take it at your leisure and never get behind.

If I decide to update or enhance the course later, your updates are all free.

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A very special, last minute addition!

I was able to get a well respected homeopathic pharmacy I work with to supply you who enroll with a tube of the tautode Rabies Vaccine 30C.

That's a coup because normally, only doctors can buy these.

Tautodes are remedies made from drugs, or in this case, a vaccine. They have been helpful mainly to help reduce the likelihood of ill effects (vaccinosis) from the vaccine being given.

And, as we see rabies vaccine is a major one causing problems today, I regularly send a dose of this out to my patients, if their owners find themselves in a tight spot with no way to avoid a rabies vaccination.

One vial is likely a lifetime supply for most of you, and it's very reasonably priced.

I'll have instructions for use in the course, and I don't know how many they'll be able to supply, so the best bet is to grab the course and tautode earlier than too late.

You'll see your chance to get the tautode as you start the first section of the course.

Your Instructor

Will Falconer, DVM
Will Falconer, DVM

Nearly 40 years as a vet now, the last 25 in exclusively homeopathic medical practice with clients around the globe. A call came from within and I felt compelled to teach what I learned: conventional medicine is damaging animals in the name of prevention!

I'm dedicated to growing the number of people who want to learn SAFE and effective prevention, so they can step out of the damaging conventional vet practice model and have amazingly, wildly healthy Vital Animals.

And, so change the world.

I hope you'll join us in this natural path. Like any good pack, we've got your back.

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